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FBAFlux Balance Analysis PEAPathway Enrichment Analysis
WormClustClustering- and enrichment-based association of genes with the metabolic network
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Glycerophospholipid metabolism (?) Click title to reach WormFlux pathway page with a table of reactions.

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image/svg+xml acl-4 | acl-5 |acl-6 alpa_pl Rtotalcoa coa dha dhap adhap glyc3p g3pc chol pgp cdpdag dhap glyc3p pa_pl etha pe pglyc lpglyc clpn dag_pl g3pe acg3pe ser-L pa_pl pchol lpchol ps chol acg3ps ac accoa cholp cdpea ethamp methamp etha acald cdpchol dag_pl Y105C5B.3 | F26C11.1 | ZK792.1 | pho-10 | pho-11 | pho-14 | pho-5 | pho-8 | Y94H6A.7 | F02E9.7 | C27A2.12 | acp-2 | acp-3 | acp-7 | pho-1 | pho-12 | pho-4 | pho-6 | pho-7 | pho-9 W02H5.8 acl-7 gpdh-2 gpdh-1 T25G3.4 |Y50E8A.6 pgs-1 ? acl-8 | acl-9 |acl-13 | acl-14 |bus-18 crls-1 cdgs-1 T12B3.3 |T22G5.1 |ZC155.4 acl-8 | acl-9 |bus-18 | acl-1 |acl-2 | mboa-3 |mboa-4 | acl-11 ZK370.4 |C27A7.5 |ath-1 ZK370.4 |C27A7.5 |ath-1 |M05B5.4 ipla-1 | ipla-2 | ipla-3 | ipla-4 |ipla-5 | ipla-6 |ipla-7 | C07E3.9 | Y69A2AL.2 mboa-6 dgk-1 | dgk-2 |dgk-3 | dgk-4 |dgk-5 pld-1 |F09G2.8 |T05C3.6 |Y51A2D.13 F54D7.2 |cept-2 ipla-1 | ipla-2 | ipla-3 | ipla-4 |ipla-5 | ipla-6 |ipla-7 |C07E3.9 | Y69A2AL.2 mboa-3 |mboa-4 |mboa-6 psd-1 C39D10.3 |Y37E3.11 ckc-1 | cka-1 |cka-2 | ckb-1 |ckb-2 | ckb-3 T01B11.2 pmt-1 pmt-2 pssy-1 mboa-3 |mboa-4 |mboa-6 pld-1 |F09G2.8 |T05C3.6 |Y51A2D.13 ace-1 |ace-2 |ace-4 cha-1 cept-2 pcyt-1 cka-1 | cka-2 |ckb-1 | ckb-2 |ckb-3 | ckb-4 atp adp, h pi h2o Rtotalcoa coa nadh, h nad nadh, h nad qh2 q h h h2o h h2o h2o pi coa h ppi h coa Rtotal2coa Rtotal2coa Rtotal h h2o atp adp, h h h2o h ppi ctp amet ahcys h (2) amet (2) ahcys h h2o nh4, pi adp, h atp (2) h h co2 coa Rtotal2coa Rtotal2 h h2o Rtotal2coa coa Rtotal2coa Rtotal2 coa h h2o h2o h atp adp, h h h2o coa h h ppi pe ps psd-1 h co2 Ether lipidmetabolism glycerolipidmetabolism chol betald glyb fad fadh2 C34C6.4 alh-9 h2o,nad (2) h,nadh h2o,nadp (2) h,nadph glyb F13E6.5 | F53C3.13 | T28D9.3 | lpin-1 h2o pi EXTRACELLULARSPACE (3) ach ach unc-17 (2) adp, (2) h, (2) pi (2) atp,(2) h2o cmp cmp ctp cmp etha cmp ctp Ether lipidmetabolism Sphingolipidmetabolism lpglyc Biomassassembly acg3ps glyb (2) na1 (2) na1 Rtotal2 Ether lipidmetabolism Sphingolipidmetabolism Inositolphosphatemetabolism CYTOSOL CYTOSOL MITOCHONDRIA Serinemetabolism Ether lipidmetabolism

image/svg+xml Transportable in both ways Number of pathway connections None 1 2 3 4 > 4 Transportability Enzymatic reaction Multiple transports Transport Reactions Not in iCEL1314 Transportable between cytosoland extracellular space Transportable between cytosoland mitochondria gene Non-enzymatic reaction n/a Metabolites metabolite metabolite Main metabolite Co-reactant metabolite Not in iCEL1314

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