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WormClustClustering- and enrichment-based association of genes with the metabolic network
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Pathway Enrichment Analysis

Statistical enrichment analysis of a given set of genes in our annotation categories (Walker et al., 2021). These categories are defined at four levels of increasing resolution (click to download in TSV format). For example, hphd-1 gene is in the category of lipids at Level 1, short-chain fatty acid degradation at Level 2, propionate degradation at Level 3, and propionate shunt pathway at Level 4. These categories cover the pathway maps in WormPaths.

Note: When calculating enrichment p-values (hypergeometric), this tool assumes that all categorized genes in the iCEL model are detectable. For a list of genes in CSV format, click here. For the distribution of genes to the categories at the four levels in MS Excel, click here.