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FBAFlux Balance Analysis PEAPathway Enrichment Analysis
WormClustClustering- and enrichment-based association of genes with the metabolic network
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Propionate degradation (?) Click title to reach WormFlux pathway page with a table of reactions.

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image/svg+xml ppcoa 2mop prpncoa mmcoa-S 2maacoa mmcoa-R succoa 3hpcoa 3hpp glu-L 3aib akg hphd-1 msa accoa 2hglut ala-B glu-L alh-8 acdh-1 mlcd-1 acaa-2 |B0303.3 pcca-1 & pccb-1 mce-1 mmcm-1 ech-6 hach-1 gta-1 gta-1 alh-8 co2,nadh coa,nad co2 h adp, pi, h atp coa accoa h2o h2o coa, h nad nadh,h nadph, co2 nadp, coa nadh, co2 nad, coa CYTOSOL MITOCHONDRIA ppa 2obut ? [(bckd-1A |Y43F4A.4) &bckd-1B] &dld-1 & dbt-1 pcrn ppcoa ppa 2obut 2hb coa crn h2o h, coa ppi, amp coa, atp nad nadh, h B0395.3 acs-19 ? ldh-1 etfox etfrd S3hb acac Isoleucinedegradation h2o h, coa nadh, co2 nad, coa EXTRACELLULAR SPACE 2hb Ketone bodymetabolism Leucine degradation Valinedegradation Aspartate andasparaginemetabolism Ketone bodymetabolism TCAcycle hco3 Pyruvate metabolism Leucine degradation pcrn crn coa cpt-2 dif-1 |slc-25A29

image/svg+xml Transportable in both ways Number of pathway connections None 1 2 3 4 > 4 Transportability Enzymatic reaction Multiple transports Transport Reactions Not in iCEL1314 Transportable between cytosoland extracellular space Transportable between cytosoland mitochondria gene Non-enzymatic reaction n/a Metabolites metabolite metabolite Main metabolite Co-reactant metabolite Not in iCEL1314

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