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Metabolic Network Modeling of C. elegans

Metabolic Network Model

You can download the current metabolic network model in the following formats:

Link to file
SBML (?) Systems Biology Markup Language, Level 3, Version 1 iCEL1314.xml
MS Excel (?) Spreadsheet created in Microsoft Excel iCEL1314.xlsx
mat (?) MATLAB structure for use with COBRA toolbox. iCEL1314.mat

WormPaths and Pathway Enrichment Analysis (PEA)

The following files cover gene annotations in WormPaths and PEA:

Link to file
Categorized genes (?) List of WormBase IDs and gene names for model genes that are assigned to pathways or categories. iCELgenes.csv
Pathways and categories (?) Pathways or categories for gene annotation at four levels of resolution. CategoriesAtFourLevels.tsv
Gene sets (?) Sets of genes assigned to each pathway or category at the four levels of annotation. GeneSetsAtFourLevels_WBID.xls
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